About CPPY

Custom Paper Pocket Yachts started out the way many things do, necessity. Trying to decide which boat to build the need to compare side by side the three Stevenson Projects Pocket Yachts was needed. The first versions of the paper models were made and really helped gain a perspective of the various sizes and shapes of the three boats. From there, a basic paint color scheme was used to match the Weekender in the Stevenson Video and placed online as a free download for the Back Yard Yacht Builders association. These are the ones that are in the free download section.
From there the idea came that trying out paint schemes would be very easy with these models. I started out trying to sell the models one by one with the colors that were specified by the person interested in getting it. It soon became very apparent that a program to change the colors and save it and print them over and over would be the best way to experiment with the paint schemes. Thus Custom Paper Pocket Yachts was created.
After looking online for all types of paper models I noticed that there really weren't many paper models of boats. The ones that were out there were mostly Navy ships and old tall ships. Being that there was a lack of modern Marconi rigged paper models, and the fact that I needed a model to test a few theories on some sailboat modifications. The X-Boat model was created. This is a really nice model in that you can choose to fly the jib sail or the spinnaker sail. I definitely had not seen any paper models with a fully deployed spinnaker.
All of the little endeavors and projects on this site are a lot of fun for me, and who knows, if it keeps up enough maybe it can be a new career!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Custom Paper Pocket Yachts.

Thank You,
Kevin Green
Captain, CPPY